Reign of Winter

Grey's journal entry

This servant of the Satrap wishes you well and hopes that his lack of communication will not go unnoticed. I am well underway in my efforts to destroy this white tower and make the winter weather in the unseasonably cold summer months fade by closing the portal, however I find that my ways of communicating with you have gone beyond my reach. It is to that end that I am beginning this journal in order that I may present you with a full report of the happenings on this side of the gate when I return, if I return at all.
The simpletons and I have made an ally of a merchant woman, who has some skill with weaponry. One of the challenges to traveling through Irrisen is the ever present eyes of the ravens, who seem to report to the witches who lead this country and thus the incursions into our lands. While traveling to town we tried to hide ourselves from their eyes, yet they spotted the flaming hair of Scarlett, as she moved about under a tarp. They blinded several of the simpletons, but we were able to destroy the patrol before they could make their report. The residents of Waldsby have been less than friendly to outsiders. This made it difficult on all of us, but especially on the Ape-Man Aap. While he seems accustomed to clamboring over almost any obstacle, he simply had to stay out of sight in town. A contingent of soldiers were dispatched to find us within the town, but apparently they were unprepared for battle with a coiled master. They were ended quickly. Among their possessions was a mirror that could be used for expedient commication.
We move to strike at the heart of the tower on the morrow, If we are successful then the spring should be upon you shortly.
Health and Riches to the Satrap,
Grey of The Lion’s Mane



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