Reign of Winter

Grey's Journal (Session 10)


The task set before us of ensuring the return of Baba Yaga has grown far more daunting of late. As you know we have journeyed to Whitethrone in order that we may “Liberate” her hut and use it to track her down. Currently we are working with a resistance group to attempt this.

The resistance group asked us to form a strike at a clock tower in order to take down one of Queen Elvanna’s lieutenants, A White dragon and typically a first responder to disturbances within the City. Due in part to clever planning on the part of Ap and myself we used spiderclimb to bypass the dragon’s minions and bring the fight to him directly. Scarlett’s Firey rays and the bombs of Karfel served us well and we made short work of him. Finding his horde we made use of some of the treasure in order that we might liberate the children and prisoners of the clocktower. The Ice Trolls and the witch that we dispatched inside were of far more consequence than that dragon however and proved difficult.

To matters of your concern, It appears that these resistance fighters need suppliers and benefactors. Since they are opposing the queen, whom I deem an enemy of our nation’s sovereignty, I think our interests align. They need supplies badly and I know our trade networks have no rival. If we make arrange for supplies to their effort I believe the rewards could be lucrative if my mission is successful.

Further, as a way of insuring my missions success I wonder if you can help me with a problem I’ve been having. It seems as if every enemy whom I face has a substantial knowledge of my old training accident, and they always seem to find that injured vertebrae just beneath my skull. I would like research done into something to protect that part of my body, I’m thinking of some sort of helmet but it must be designed to fit under my cloak when the hood is pulled. I was hoping your Magi had heard of such a thing and if not I would gladly donate some resources to researching it and happily test any prototype that you develop. (Translation: KRISTEN! I wanna Buy a Jingasa of the fortunate soldier but I don’t want it to look like one, more like smoothed helmet with protection on the neck)

As always I seek to pursue the ends of the empire,
Grey of The Queen’s Hair



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