Reign of Winter

Grey's Second Missive

As I write this I wonder if it will ever see your hands, I know the eyes of the Satrap see far and wide, but I wonder if you have yet seen the threat which I now face. It seems after our last outing, the simpletons noted their lack in some areas and have been recruiting, we’ve been joined by a halfling who commands some control over magic. This “Ergo” appears to possess significant power, but I doubt he will uncover our true purposes. I shall see if he can be of value to us.

I should of course communicate the dangers I have faced, with the simpleton’s and Ergo, the halfling. In our second incursion into the border wood we have discovered more of these skeletons that burst forth in an Icy manner upon their defeat. Further we found the remains of a Heldren hunter who was apparently killed by a giant white weasle, which no one presumed existed. This white weasle is roughly the size of an Elephant if it’s tracks are to be believed.

Of further interest to you may be my present position, I sit within one of the border huts of Irrisen, though I do not know why it is within the Taldan Border wood. Further the doll within this hut who guarded it was quite the formidable opponent in my package to you I have included the remains of the doll with the notable exception that her eye socket contained a sapphire which I have sketched for you. I do not know but the satraps sages may learn something from the doll’s examination.

I hope this information reaches you, however I shall continue to work towards the weakening of our enemy.

Your Servant,
The Grey in the Lion’s Mane



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