Drífa the Shieldmaid stands a full head taller than your average Galorian woman. Her brawny build adds to a rugged appearance, however by Ulfen standards, she is considered quite attractive. Her blonde hair is customarily held back in three braids and her blue eyes most often twinkle with delight when faced with a battle or challenge.


Drífa has a sharp tongue and it’s not uncommon to find her spouting off a myriad of insults in Skald, but this shouldn’t be taken too seriously because this was a favorite pass time during the long winter months back home in the longhouse. One thing that should be taken seriously though, is her intolerance for stupidity, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Stupidity often gets people killed in the Lands of the Linnorm kings.

Drifa hails from a small fishing village on the island of Aegos in the Lands of the Linnorm kings. She spent her childhood hauling up heavy nets on board a boat in the middle of the Steaming Sea. By the time she hit her teens she had become proficient with the sword and shield and started joining the summer raids where she earned the byname “the Shieldmaid”.

Drifa’s profession changes with the season. In the spring she works the nets out in the Steaming Sea. In the summer she goes raiding and in the winter she spends time mending nets as well as doing some leather working.

Tired of the long winters and short summers Drífa left the Lands of the Linnorm kings in search of warmer weather and longer battles. She hired herself out on a Cheliaxian merchant boat heading back to Cheliax. While onboard she found their tastes more than a little displeasing. So she quickly departed from a Cheliaxian port and made her way to Andoran, and as much and she found Cheliaxian conduct repulsive Drífa found Andoran’s weak and pathetic. So traveling further she crossed the border into Taldor, and finding the people more agreeable, Drífa found her way to a Pathfinder lodge there. After a several months she was asked to travel around the country to investigate the rumors of unseasonable weather throughout Taldor.


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