Reign of Winter

Grey: Missive to the Satrap.

I hope this letter finds you in good health in our homeland. A fortunate event has happened on this side of the Border Wood that I believe I have used to our mutual advantage. It seems that some piece of the Taldan Nobility got lost in the woods, and had her escort waylaid by a group of simple brigands. Though I allowed them to think it was their own idea, the simpletons of Heldren sent me along with a group of would-be adventurers to retrieve this piece of nobility. Knowing that an in to the hierarchy of Taldan bureaucracy is a necessary part of my mission I of course could not let such an opportunity slip by. I managed to keep the simpletons from fouling up their mission too badly, but made certain that I was the one to rescue this noblewoman and incur her debt, though the task was not easy and involved the dispatching of several sprites, a Tetzel wyrm, a few zombies, and truly interesting creatures made of ice itself. The sands spread, and an ancient enemy grows fat and weak. I also must report that the brigand leader had an item that I believe will be of great value to me in my mission here. I procured a cloak that allows me to take upon the visage of a fearsome beast, yet a side effect of this is that it also hides my face, this may allow me to begin to be more bold in my pursuit of our goals.

Glory to the Satrap,
Grey of the Lion’s Mane

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