Reign of Winter

Grey's Journal (Session 6)


I greet you with thanks for the messenger whom you had in Irrisen who brought me back from the other realm. I am very grateful that you value the intelligence that I have been gathering for you through Taldor and now in Irrisen.

Speaking of Intelligence from Irrisen I fear I must report to you now that I have been given a boon from a Black Rider of Irrisen. This rider has made me noticeably faster, but it comes with a price, for I am now compelled to do the bidding of the rider. After I returned to this world and the Pale tower we ascended into the Aviary and met a strange being, it appeared to rely upon the nature of this cold realm to supply it with power, but I am providing samples of the skin and blood of this creature to you because it is such an interesting creature, I feel your sages could learn much about it from it’s anatomy, sadly the creature had to be destroyed.

Ascending to the top of the tower we were able to shut the winter gate in the border wood, though we had to go through a conjurer and his pet goat(weird) to do it. We have kept the goat and it has eaten some of Ergo’s possessions simply because he forgets where he put them, and allows the goat to find them. It appears to be a normal goat. It appears as if both Quadira and Taldor will be saved the headache of a poor crop season. This process has left my companions and me with no way home. We travel to Whitethrone in order to rescue the daughter of a caravan leader who offered us shelter from the cold when we first arrived in Irrisen.

On the matter of Taldor, and our hatred for the place, I think we ought to let that part of our culture go. I have seen the reward awaiting your servants who fervently seek the destruction of others, and though my stay was brief, I would not wish it upon another. We need to make peace with all reasonable peoples, and act honorably in our dealings. If not one does not wish to know what awaits us on the other side of Pharasma’s seat.

Master, I fear I will be unable to continue to spy on Taldor for you. I do not know how long this task will take and I fear that it may require my very life. I know though that Quadira would fall should my task fail. As such I shall be changing my code name in the future that I be more appropriately identified by you and your subordinates.

Serving you loyally,
Grey In the Witch Queen’s hair.



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