Reign of Winter

Grey's Journal (Session 7)


It appears once more as if our misadventures have led us to encounter something you may find interesting. The company that I am currently traveling with has discovered various ways of killing multiple small animals that appear to attack at once. One of the chiefest problems with traveling across this frozen tundra has been the inexplicably high amount of Crow attacks. As such we have developed a tactic for handling them. It appears as if Ergo and Scarlett have some affinity for magic. As such they target these incoming swarms of crows with a double layer of conical fire upon their approach. The Monkey, well honestly the monkeys, wait for them to come into reach and do what they can to bash them. Most of the rest of us throw alchemical fire at these swarms in order to scatter them.

In other news I am enclosing some sketches and skin/blood/fur samples from two breeds of wolf that can be found in this part of the world. I believe that sending a team up here to retrieve a small populace of these species could be of great value, IF they can be properly domesticated and trained. One bears white fur which could provide it with camoflage in this area, and can breath a conical burst of icy crystals. The other just seems to be generally larger than standard wolves, and possibly more intelligent. I really do not know.

Lastly we have encountered a group of falconers who used birds as weapons to engage their enemies, and while I think that this tactic was poorly executed, it seemed to be a viable strategy for keeping one’s enemies at a distance while pelting them with arrows.

I believe that we have thoroughly ingratiated ourselves with Nadya, our guide and sometime caravan leader through this part of the world. Her smaller boy ran off to play hide and seek and was ambushed by wolves. His rescue is but one more reason that this woman will owe us. Perhaps your lordship would like me to negotiate a trade contract with her?

Tracking witches can be difficult, I come to wonder if we are the hunters or the prey in this scenario, but you may rest assure that the Grey of the Lion’s Mane will scalp the white head of the witch.

Until we meet again,
Grey of the Lion’s Mane.



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