Reign of Winter

Grey's Journal (Session 8)


While we continue our quest towards Whitethrone, we have encountered more dangers than I had originally anticipated. While I last wrote to you of some terrible events that discouraged our progress I regret to inform you that once more our progress has been impeded by circumstance.

It seems that as we journeyed through these wooded areas towards Whitethrone we came across the cottage of a Huldra. This woman asked us to seek out what happened to her husband and to return him to her. His mind had been taken over by a plant of some kind, I have included a sample of the leaves, do not handle them directly. Also of note this Huldra granted me a boon that allowed me some luck for the following day.

As we ventured onward we discovered a village that had a standing structure of a burned out cathedral. I did my part to restore the shrine to Desna, but never the less we were besieged by undead. It was here that I discovered a new element to the form of hand to hand fighting that I was taught in your courts. It appears that by providing an enemy with false openings one can quickly invoke takedowns, and holds in order to secure advantage over one’s adversary. I employed these tactics liberally once I discovered that my punches could barely harm these unnatural creatures. It seemed odd to me that Scarlett had no trouble with getting her magic-imbued sword to cut through the creatures, nor did the shieldmaiden Drifa. Curious.

We met along the road a woman named Morgana, who by a similar road to ours met a red rider and is on a similar quest. It would seem that all hope for restoring proper balance to this land and by extension our world relies on the success of our mission and the survival of the white rider.

We were able to document and tame a new form of fauna in this area known as a megalosaurus. This creature the ape man, Aap, tells me is a rare form of stag that he believes will be useful, shortly after taming it however it attracted the attention of some worgs. Worgs are highly intelligent wolves with a vulnerable spot I discovered located squarely between the hind legs on the lower portion of the torso. If hit with sufficient force in this area it causes the animals great pain and irritation. After we subdued the worgs we continued on with the new pet, who refused us after some point but appears to have left us with it’s offspring to care for.

Lastly we came to the home of an middle aged woman, who has asked us to seek out her son, a faun who has gone missing, I fear that the trail may have gone cold, but her house is besieged by quicklings and timberjacks, If I do not write further you shall know it was these blasted fey that did me in. If I ever get back home I shall never again leave without the company of a pair of silver and cold Iron Kukri’s.

Wishing you well and hoping that one day your eyes shall befall this journal

Grey Winter Fog.



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