Reign of Winter

Grey's Journal (Session 9)

Into Whitethrone


After our brief encounter with the quicklings the lady of the house asked us if we could please rescue her son, a faun. I thought this could be done, and she had offered us shelter from the cold so the Ape man tracked the boy to a shed outside of town. I sneaked up on the shed and peered in throught the windows. I instructed the ape man to lay down one of his spells that can grab hold of the quicklings, thinking of tying the fey down and using arrows to end them without their retaliation, but alas, planning only gets you so far. The quicklings attempted to flee through a window, but I was there and I used an old technique I learned in your courts, by hitting him in the throat I was able to delay his actions, and follow up with a nasty kick. They didn’t last long.

I have successfully infiltrated Whitethrone, though doing so was not entirely easy. I lied to the two trolls guarding the bridge into town, but they are trolls and thus subject to fear, I simply identified their fear and caused them to allow us to pass. In the fishing district we searched for the Uncle of Nadya hoping he could gain us access to other parts of the City without attracting too much attention. However with the deaths of now I count 8 City Guard, and 3 Trolls that they employ also I doubt that we will be able to move much farther through the city without causing some kind of scene.

Still my skills increase master, and though I find wisdom in the instructors of your course not spending much time on techniques for staying up on one’s feet, I find that training in that area is precisely what would make battle easier. I find it difficult fighting on my back, but fortunately the Kata book that your instructors left with me contained some techniques for countering opponents who would trip you, but it was in the middle of the book, I tend to read only the beginning and ends of books, a bad habit I picked up as a child I’m afraid, when one would need to see the end of a story before continuing to read it. It’s less effective apparently with martial training guides. I have however corrected the errors in my form and will be better prepared for this in the future.



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