Reign of Winter

Grey's second Journal Entry (Session 5)


It appears as if infiltrating this pale tower and bringing it down will require more effort than I anticipated. Though the front door guards caused little trouble to me, there was an Ice troll inside whose determination to put down the allies of Taldor who accompanied me was admirable, however I still needed them. Inside the tower was a large contingent of guards, and I’m told by my informant, a housekeeper named hatch that there was a water elemental nearby.

Of greater interest to me however was the deceptive creature I met on the second floor, of the tower. She had was identical to the Taldan Noblewoman whom we rescued from the bandits in the borderwood. This creature transformed into what I assume is it’s true form once killed, a grey skinned humanoid. I have collected some of the creature’s skin, and body fluids that they may be analyzed by our sages to discover how this transformation occurs. It seems as though the kidnapping may have been part of a larger plot, the replacement of key figures in aristocracies world wide. If my theory on this is correct, then our country may also be at risk,and while seeing the Taldan dogs fall from their arrogant places would be satisfying it would give me far more pleasure to be the instrument of their demise.

Of further interest was a creature that the witch of the tower must have been keeping as some sort of pet or experiment. This creature would spray spores into the air that had a hallucinogenic property. This plant was mostly destroyed, but I have salvaged a spore pod to be investigated by our sages, perhaps this gas could be made into a weapon. The spore gas is invisible when spread, so it could be used to make our enemies believe one of their leaders was insane, if used frequently enough by a well inserted agent.

I continue to explore this tower, and seek to bring an end to the witch controlling it and thereby restore the order that was in the border wood.

Hoping this journal survives to meet your eyes,
Grey in the Lion’s Mane.



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