Reign of Winter

Grey's Journal (Session 11)

Weird Elementals and more Fey

On our quest to free Baba Yaga’s hut it appears as though we may have encountered a snag. It appears as if the elements binding the hut in the forest are very strange and must be some sort of arcane puzzle.
As our wizard, Ergo, has been on a drinking binge ever since coming into a civilized place we have been unable to find him, and had to rely on the rest of our senses for solving these puzzles.
The first part seemed easy enough, it was guarded by some trolls who to my knowledge had never fought anything before at least that’s how it seemed by their combat prowess, they got a few lucky shots in but went down pretty hard, pretty fast. But then things got complicated and we discovered a place where the rain rained upwards. We left that alone for the most part, and continued on to find some kind of gremlins so I’m told. again no combat prowess, just little tricksters.
Finally we came to some floating stones, these floating stones had a dryad and something with flaming hair guarding them and they opened up by creating a pit under Drifa and Scarlett. Though it opened under me as well I was nimbly able to leap to the side before falling in. Drifa and Scarlett are not so practiced in such arts. However their minds may be able to resist spells significantly better than mine. The dryad told me to go to the clocktower, just as I was about to hit her. It seemed like a good Idea at the time…. I hear tale that Aap and Karfel were able to handle the situation, luckily, but I wasn’t there so I don’t know..
So now were stuck in the forest, and we are still trying to free the hut.
Working for your empire always,
Grey of the Witches tresses



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